Are you sure that the face you see everyday in the mirror is your original face? 

What is Soul Portrait? 

It is a painting-gate that depicts your inner light, your potential. It is a way to get to know something new about yourself, to receive an image that nourishes you with power, light, inspires you to open all your dormant forces. A gate within. Looking at the painting located in the outer world, you enter withing yourself. You look at the painting and the painting is looking at you. This is the mystery of the process. It is followed by a poetic message that makes it more intense.

How does it happen? 

Portrait is done without your personal presence. When painting is given to you, you are offered a guided meditation to enter deep inside yourself connecting with your beauty, light and power. The meditation session can be done over skype and a painting can be shipped.

What will you get out of it?

 You receive a painting that helps you to connect to a deeper essence of who you are. It becomes your every day visual support, sacred image in your altar if you have any and a reminder of your beauty and talents. 



Духовные портреты и их владельцы

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Short video of Spirit Portraits and their Owners 
Харипрем Свами обо мне и духовном портрете\ Hariprem Swami about me and spiritual portrait

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A video where a Tantra Teacher Hariprem Swami is admiring my work.

Selected Testimonials

Soul Portrait, Spirit portrait, spiritual posrtrait, psychic art by Alina Tiumeneva, Pushpa Prem, tantra, blossoming of the womb, yoni, transformation, connection withdivine
Soul Portrait "Blossoming of the Womb" by Alina Tiumeneva

Irina Letova (Aditya), Moscow

"Unique creation. Alive being. Thanks to Alina this beautiful painting has appeared in my life. Once I found out about her work, I immediately wanted to have a painting done for me. But I was not sure what exactly I wanted to see on it. We met with Alina, she meditated and told me: “Don’t worry. I see you. I see your soul. I see your connection with Divine. And everything will be fine”. My connection with God was exactly the theme I wanted. Since that moment I relaxed and waited for the birth. While it was made, I kept on thinking about it every day, wondering how it will look and if it will fit with my perception, will it inspire me, which emotions would it evoke in me. What was born has trespassed all my most wonderful expectations. I could not even imagine that the painting will fit me so so well. It is perfect in my perception. Every piece of, every centimetre that there is on it – it is all me. And it truly reflects me. How Alina managed to see all this, I have no idea but I guess that’s why is called spiritual painting and it is a true creativity. I can firmly surely say from my own experience that is a “high” art.The colour is perfect as well. I am amazed with the miracle of combining all my favourite colours into one canvas. All shades of purple, pink and violet are my most favourite colors and of course butterflies that reflect my soul and all the other details I could say a lot about. It was also immensely touching how Alina has given me this piece of art. She has written amazing poem with it. When i was reading it, my tears were falling by themselves. It was hard to believe that it was about me and that Alina could feel me in such a subtle way. I keep the painting in the very heart of my house and I can see it from almost every part of it. The moment someone enters the house, he sees the painting immediately. And so the location says everything. It is really a meaningful creature, alive creature that enriches the atmosphere, gives a tone. Everyone who visits me, notices it".  

Soul Portrait, Spirit portrait, spiritual posrtrait, psychic art by Alina Tiumeneva, Pushpa Prem, tantra, blossoming of the womb, yoni, transformation, connection withdivine

Iiro Kontio, Finland

It was a very interesting way to look inside myself. It had many stages that started with a meditation when I find inside my heart what I want from the painting. It was a discovery in itself. When I was invited to open my eyes and look at the portrait I was quite fearful as I didn’t know what to expect. Then I could really open myself up to receive everything that is inside this painting. I felt immediate connection with it. It looks like me and it includes all the things that I actually need now. It fullfills something inside me and heals me. I spent some time with the painting, gazing at it and it felt really good. I really feel that the painting gave something to me. And it was really beautiful. I’m really happy. I like the art and myself in it.

Soul Portrait, Spirit portrait, spiritual posrtrait, psychic art by Alina Tiumeneva, Pushpa Prem, tantra, blossoming of the womb, yoni, transformation, connection withdivine

Ekaterina Nosova, Moscow, Russia

"This soul portrait is the state that I am heading for and where I want to get. What is very important for me is that it reflects my essence. That’s why I ordered a painting from Alina, after I saw her artworks. It seemed to me that she indeed is capable of going into the depth that transmits this state. For me this birth was also very important. It is like a manifested child – mine, ours that got a right to be alive and is now with me, supports me. Now my state is different from what is depicted on the painting but I have a certain image that I would like to reach and this painting doesn’t let me forget about this image and about my goal. This painting is a landmark on my path. Thanks to Pushpa (Alina Tiumeneva) for her work. I wish her prosperity and immersion on deeper and deeper layers from where she makes her art and more power of their realisation. Because these paintings are surely powerful". 

Soul Portrait, Spirit portrait, spiritual posrtrait, psychic art by Alina Tiumeneva, Pushpa Prem, tantra, blossoming of the womb, yoni, transformation, connection withdivine

Evgeniy Zinger, Moscow, Russia

"It was very easy and spontaneous to order the portrait. I had a very clear response inside – I want it and that’s it! Usually I always take long time before I spend money and evaluate the product carefully. I was waiting intensely to receive the portrait. I even saw it in my dreams. And I’m very contented. It is so incredible. As if it is me and not me at the same time. It is difficult to put into words. When I look at the portrait, it awakens a lot of feelings in me. A lot of joy and sadness, recognition, surprise, happiness. I really see a part of me on the painting, I’m acquainted with it but I’m not always in contact with it, I don’t always recognize it inside. I’m surprised that I can suddenly see it so clearly. To see myself so clearly. A surprise of what I can be. I was amazed how soft, flowing and natural shapes are combined with geometrical forms. It gives a feeling of “rightness” when they are altogether. What is really amazing is that my favourite colours are used in the painting. I like a lot all shade of blue and violet. I think it’s very precious when a man through a soul portrait like this  (at least in my experience)  has an opportunity to look at himself from the side and to see himself authentic, to see that he is already perfect and divine. A true window into your inner world, a mirror that allows you to appear as you are. I’m very grateful to Alina for such a wonderful work, magical, unexpected, as magical as she is herself.  It is by itself very joyful to meet such a happy and radiant person. I highly recommend it!Soul Portrait is not only a painting that you get, but the very process of creating it, the very waiting and feeling that the painting is being created, starts a certain process of looking inside, discovering new. Receiving the portrait then and meditating on it, is like getting a diploma when graduating from university, like a certificate that proves that you have passed a special intensive of exploring yourself . And it is so valuable.I really feel its authenticity. It brings me closer to myself. It makes me more true and alive. And I think other people can benefit from it just as I did".

Selected photos of happy soul portrait owners