­­                               "If art is worth a thousand words, then let me share my poem with you" 


Alina Tiumeneva, Prem Pushpa, visionary artist, psychic artist

A little about myself...

My name is Aryana Meer. I am an artist and a loving heart. I enjoy the smell of ink and the sound of a pencil running on the paper. Often some great things come out of it. Art is my life and my meditation, the way to look inside and to bring the best out into the world..

Artist Statement

I am a lover of the art made by Nicholai Rerich. He is my Northern Star.I believe in the art and creativity of an empty heart. I believe that true beauty of the artwork is defined by the energy it emanates.Creativity of an Empty Heart. When I reach emptyness and rest in it, then I can see. See with the eyes of the Heart.

Art is one of my greatest joys. It may sound flashy but I believe I have a talent to depict one's soul. Since 2012 I am making Soul Portaits and other psychic creations since I remember myself. I invite you to browse through my portfolio and make yourself a life-time gift.